Monday, February 22, 2010

What is BRANDom?

The name BRANDom, if you haven’t already figured it out, is a portmanteau (a word formed by combining two already existing words.) I will be gathering information from many different sources, and have no intention of keeping the blog specifically focused on one niche of the business world. BRANDom will be dedicated to distilling and posting random, interesting, and informative opinions on marketing, brand management, and business from the perspective of a Gen X'er.

I began this blog because, in the course of my week, I come across many interesting articles and studies on managing a brand name, and I wanted an outlet to publish them. I work with an organization called Hilltop Consultants, a not-for-profit group that works with local and national charities to improve their business models. Due to the fact that I work with non-profits, the methods I research and learn about aim to improve businesses through the most cost effective way.

I do not intend, however, to write this blog exclusively for non-profit brands. The articles and advice posted here are applicable to any business model, and will always be focused on giving the most bang for the buck.

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